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DGS Privacy Policy

DGS Privacy Policy

Personal information that the Delaware Genealogy Society (DGS) collects and publishes falls into two categories: membership data and genealogical data. We regard your personal information as confidential and do not sell or give it to anyone. We do not share your personal information with other parties except as noted below. The following policies govern our collection, use, sharing, and
publication of your personal information:

Membership Data

Membership data includes your name, home/mailing address, telephone number, email address, membership date, membership number, and log-in information to access the Members Only section of our website.

We ask you to provide membership data when you join and renew your membership, and as changes occur. This information is used to manage our membership rolls, to communicate with you by postal mail and email, to grant you access to the Members Only section of the DGS website, or to fulfill any orders placed with our online store.

We provide membership data to the company that provides website services to DGS for website management only and they are not authorized to use this data for any other purpose. We do not sell or give our membership list or members’ email addresses to any other outside company or organization except in accordance with law or as noted below.

DGS may at times use a third-party email service, MailChimp®, to notify DGS members and non-members of upcoming meetings, lectures, and events. Please see their Privacy Policy.


Your Rights to Your Information

International privacy rules give you rights over personally identifying information collected for website purposes, including the right to withdraw any consent previously given; the right to review data that’s been collected; the right to correct or update your data; the right to have any portable information transferred to another data controller; and the right to have any personally-identifying information erased. You may view your personal information in the Members > Profile tab. You may modify your username and password online. Please send any other change requests to or by U.S. Mail to the address below.


Genealogical Data

Genealogical data includes the names of individuals, their dates and places of birth, marriage, and death, relationships to other persons, biographical information, and photographs.

Members and non-members provide genealogical data which we may publish in paper and/or electronic formats: our newsletter, DGS Journal, website, and elsewhere.

We do not publish dates of birth of persons known to be living, or who were born within the last 100 years (excepting tombstone transcriptions), without the consent of the contributor of that information. To the extent that contributors provide it, the names, relationships, and places of birth and localities of such persons may be published. Any such information which we have published in the past is in the public domain and there is no practicable way to remove it.


Content Submitted by You (“Submissions”)

“Submissions” means all photographs, genealogical data, comments, feedback, suggestions, e-mail, and similar information or materials you submit to us including articles, manuscripts, video, artwork, or other material. In sending the material, you are representing and agreeing that:

Credit Card Details

DGS will only ask for credit card details when creating/renewing your DGS membership or purchasing an item in the DGS store via PayPal. DGS will never ask you to enter credit card details as a means of verifying your identity or to login. DGS does not record or retain your credit card information. Please see PayPal’s website for their Privacy Policy.


A “cookie” is a small data text file that is placed in your browser and allows DGS to recognize you each time you visit this site. Cookies themselves do not contain any personal information, and DGS does not use cookies to collect personal information.

External Websites

DGS is not responsible for the content of external websites listed and linked to the DGS website. Please check the privacy policy of external sites before giving them any personal information about yourself.

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Reviewed and approved by Delaware Genealogy Society, August 2021

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