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The DGS Journal has been published since 1980. The tables below show subjects and articles covered in more than 3,000 pages of the journals.

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Subjects and Definitions

BiblesTranscriptions of family Bibles. Also see Family Genealogies.
Birth Records and BaptismsTranscriptions of birth records, birth abstracts and baptisms.
Bits and PiecesMiscellaneous sources of genealogical information. This subject area may contain several of the subject areas. It may also contain articles that do not fit into other subject areas.
Black GenealogyGenealogical information about African American individuals and families. Manumissions records. Licenses to import and export slaves.
Cemetery RecordsTranscriptions of cemetery records, inscriptions of tombstones, transcriptions of burial registers, general information about the cemetery (location, history, etc.)
Census RecordsTranscriptions of census records.
Church RecordsTranscriptions of church records, church histories, church registers, and attendance records. Church records may include birth, baptism, dismissions, marriage, and death information.
Death RecordsTranscriptions of death records, funeral home records, undertaker’s accounts, coroner’s inquests records, funeral lists of ministers, newspaper death notices and obituaries.
Divorce RecordsTranscriptions of divorce records.
Family GenealogiesTranscriptions of family genealogies and family histories. Also see Bibles.
Government RecordsTranscriptions of pension records, voter’s lists, license applications. See also Census Records, Land Records, Military Records, Miscellaneous County and State Records, Passenger and Immigration Records, Tax Records, and Wills and Probate Records.
Indian GenealogyTranscriptions of family genealogies and family histories of American Indians.
JournalGeneral information about the Delaware Genealogical Journal.
Land RecordsTranscriptions of deed records, histories of areas, plot plans, and other land records.
Marriage RecordsTranscriptions of marriage records, marriage bonds, newspaper articles about marriages, minister’s registers of marriages performed, etc.
Military RecordsTranscriptions of military pension applications and other military pension records, lists of soldiers in more than war, etc.
Military Records –Pre & Revolutionary WarTranscriptions of military records of the Revolutionary War and before the war.
Military Records –War of 1812 & Mexican WarTranscriptions of military records of the War of 1812 and the Mexican War.
Military Records –Civil WarTranscriptions of military records of the Civil War.
Miscellaneous County and State RecordsTranscriptions of pension applications and other pension records, records of the education of poor children, public school records, etc.
Orphanages and Child WelfareTranscriptions of Home for Friendless and Destitute Children. Orphanages and Court Records. Transcription of Bastardy Records.
See also Orphans’ Court Records
Orphans’ Court RecordsTranscriptions of Orphans’ court records.
Passenger and Immigration RecordsPassenger Records and Immigration Records
People ListsLists of people in societies, employee lists, student lists, hospital admissions, merchant and business directories, and name changes, etc.
RepositoriesLists of holdings of repositories.
Tax RecordsTranscriptions of general tax lists, lists of tax delinquents, tax assessments, etc.
Wills and Probate RecordsTranscriptions of wills, will administration abstracts, probate files, etc.

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Articles by Subject

Bibles (see also Family Genealogies)

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Allerdice Bible (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces: Allerdice Bible 1786-180214:1:14
Allmond BibleThe Allmond Bible12:2:45
Allston Family BibleAllston Family Bible 1760-189214:3:54
 Allston Family Bible Additions 1816-190614:4:94
Appleby Family BibleAppleby Family Bible 1837-191715:2:39
Argoe, Charles BibleCharles Argoe Bible15:3:69
Correction to Argoe Family, v15, n3 15:4:96
Beale Family BibleBeale Family Bible12:4:80
Bell Family BibleBell Family Bible21:1:2
Benjamin Wells BibleBenjamin Wells Bible9:2:43
Carpenter-Dingee BibleCarpenter-Dingee Bible19:1:25
Carter Family BibleCarter Family Bible – Kent County 1820-188214:2:26
Clowes Bible RecordClowes Bible Record8:1:1
Curlett Family BibleCurlett Family Bible19:1:19
Delaware Bible of Sussex County Families (Johnson, Larthbury-Lathbury, Evans, & West)Delaware Bible of Sussex County Families (Johnson, Larthbury-Lathbury, Evans, and West 1769-1877)16:2:29
 Delaware Bible RecordDelaware Bible Record: Welch Family, Kent County1:3:55
 Delaware Bible Record: Friedel Family, Kent County2:1:16
 Delaware Bible Record: Wright, Hodges, Clowes, Billefelt, Silverthorn, Jarvis2:2:34
 Delaware Bible Record: Vanzant, Clayton2:3:56
 Delaware Bible Record: William Manlove Bible; James S. Mason Bible2:4:81
 A Delaware Bible Record: Paynter-McCalla Family Bible3:3:64
 Delaware Bible Record: Jacob C VanDyke Bible3:4:93
 Delaware Bible Record-Kent County Families: Moore, Wyatt, Lacey, Rogers4:1:18
Delaware Bible Record-Kent County Families: Moore, Wyatt, Lacey, Rogers UPDATED22:1:3
 A Delaware Bible Records4:2:42
Delaware Bible RecordDelaware Bible Record4:3:68
 A Delaware Bible Record5:2:42
 Delaware Bible Record5:3:57
 Delaware Bible Record5:4:91
 Delaware Bible Record6:4:89
 Delaware Bible Record7:2:38
 Delaware Bible Record7:4:83
 Delaware Bible Record8:2:34
 Delaware Bible Record8:3:58
 Delaware Bible Record9:4:73
 Delaware Bible Record10:1:1
Eubanks Family BibleEubanks Family Bible – Duck Creek, Kent County 1818-185814:1:16
Gregg Family BibleJohn and Mary (Gregg) Robinson Family Bible 1798-186813:2:45
Hall Family BibleWilliam and Elizabeth (Stevenson) Hall Family Bible 1753-183715:1:21
Hanby Family BibleSee Petitdemange-Hanby Family Bible21:2:2
Hyatt Bible RecordsHyatt Bible Records10:2:25
Jefferis Family BibleJefferis Family Bible12:3:62
Jefferson Family BibleJefferson Family Bible – 1767 to 194516:1:21
Johnson Family BibleJohnson Family Bible12:4:81
Joyce Family BibleJoyce Family Bible 1792-183313:3:49
King Family Bible RecordDelaware Bible Record (King Family of Sussex County)3:1:21
Klair Family BibleKlair Family Bible 1802-191114:3:59
Lewis Family BibleLewis Family Bible, 1814-186415:4:73
Long Family BibleIsaac J. Long Family Bible 1841-197113:1:1
McKee Bible RecordWilliam and Ellen McKee Bible Record11:2:25
Mulford BibleMulford – Sutton Bible16:4:93
Newlin Family Folder (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces: Newlin Family Folder 1828-2813:4:81
Owens Family BibleOwens Family Bible 1795-189115:1:13
Petitdemange-Hanby Family BiblePetitdemange-Hanby Family Bible 1878-197221:2:2
Robinson Family BibleRobinson Family Journal and Bible, 1776-185815:3:64
John and Mary (Gregg) Robinson Family Bible 1798-1868 13:2:45
Rodney Bible RecordRodney-Wilson Bible Record6:1:1
Rumford BibleRumford Bible18:2:41
Server BibleTaylor – Server Bible15:2:48
Shockley Family BibleShockley Family Bible – Sussex County 1834-191814:2:25
Stevenson Family BibleWilliam and Elizabeth (Stevenson) Hall Family Bible 1753-183715:1:21
Sussex County Bible RecordsSussex County Bible Records3:2:39
Sutton BibleMulford – Sutton Bible16:4:93
Taylor BibleTaylor – Server Bible15:2:48
Taylor Family Bible – DE, PA and CA ties 1790-1917 14:1:11
Welch Family BibleWelch Family Bible 1821-196013:4:73
Wells Bible RecordsWells Bible Records10:2:28
Wilson Bible RecordRodney-Wilson Bible Record6:1:1

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Birth Records and Baptisms

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Birth Abstracts: Delaware Regiments in Revolutionary WarBirth Abstracts: Delaware Regiments in Revolutionary War (service 1781-1783)15:2:36
Births, Marriages and DeathsBirths, Marriages and Deaths1:4:92
Black Birth RecordsBlack Birth Records2:2:38
Children Born in the Alms House, New Castle CountyChildren Born in the Alms House, New Castle County6:1:17
Delaware Births from Philadelphia City HallDelaware Births from Philadelphia City Hall8:2:25
Hanover Presbyterian Church, Wilm, DEInfant Baptisms, 1858-189819:3:57
 Register of Baptized Persons, 1901-191419:3:65
Kent and Sussex Counties – 3 Births (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces4:2:41
Scott Methodist Episcopal Church, Wilmington, DEChurch Baptisms, 1854-186119:1:19
 Church Baptisms, 1861-186619:2:29
St. Michael’s Day Nursery RegisterSt. Michael’s Day Nursery Register 1904-11:1:12

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Bits and Pieces

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Bits and PiecesBits and Pieces5:3:56
 Bits and Pieces5:3:63
 Bits and Pieces7:1:24
 Bits and Pieces7:2:48
 Bits and Pieces7:3:53
 Bits and Pieces7:3:68
 Bits and Pieces7:4:84
 Bits and Pieces8:1:18
 Bits and Pieces8:3:59
 Bits and Pieces9:4:96
 Bits and Pieces10:2:27
 Bits and Pieces10:3:51
 Bits and Pieces10:3:68
 Bits and Pieces17:1:24
 Correction to Index, Vol 17, No 117:2:47
Definition of Extracts, Abstracts, TranscriptsA Question and Bits and Pieces3:3:72
Delaware’s Contribution to the U.S. Baking Industry 19:2:39

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Black genealogy

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
African-American Genealogy TipsAfrican-American Genealogy Tips18:2:42
African-American Union Soldiers from DelawareAfrican-American Union Soldiers from Delaware (surnames A-G)13:1:20
 African-American Union Soldiers from Delaware (surnames H-Y)13:2:37
Black Birth RecordsBlack Birth Records2:2:38
Duck Creek Monthly Meeting ManumissionsDuck Creek Monthly Meeting Manumissions10:3:56
 Duck Creek Monthly Meeting Manumissions10:4:87
Freedman’s Bureau ProjectFreedman’s Bureau Project18:2:51
Kent County Indentures (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces3:4:83
License to Import and Export SlavesLicense to Import and Export Slaves1:1:8
 License to Export Slaves (concluded)1:2:30
ManumissionsManumissions, 1790-180118:4:95
Sale of Negro Convicts in Dover (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces10:2:48

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Cemetery Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Asbury Methodist Cemetery, WilmingtonAsbury Methodist Cemetery, Wilmington1:1:18
 Asbury Methodist Cemetery (continued)1:2:40
 Asbury Methodist Cemetery (concluded)1:3:57
Betts Family CemeteryBetts Family Cemetery8:4:73
Book ReviewsBook Review – Tombstones of Sussex Co.14:4:96
Brandywine and Centreville CemeteryBrandywine and Centreville Cemetery12:4:82
Buckley – Grubb Burying GroundBuckley – Grubb Burying Ground2:4:74
Chester Bethel BurialsChester Bethel Burials3:3:52
 Chester Bethel Burials3:4:76
 Chester Bethel Burials4:1:5
 Chester Bethal Burials4:2:31
Coffee Run CemeteryCoffee Run Cemetery4:3:58
Cold Harbor VA Union Soldiers Burials (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces8:2:27
Coolspring Cemetery, GeorgetownCoolspring Cemetery, Georgetown10:4:80
 Coolspring Cemetery, Georgetown11:1:9
 Coolspring Cemetery, Georgetown11:2:32
Cooper Cemetery, Kent CountyCooper Cemetery, Kent County4:4:84
Delaware CemeteriesDelaware Cemeteries5:4:81
Friendship CemeteryFriendship Cemetery5:1:1
Graves of Revolutionary War SoldiersGraves of Revolutionary War Soldiers3:1:11
Grubb Family Burying GroundIntroduction to a Cemetery2:4:73
Hanover Presbyterian Church, Wilm, DEBurial Register, 1858-191519:3:77
Hare’s Corner CemeteryHare’s Corner Cemetery6:1:4
 Hare’s Corner Cemetery6:2:25
 Addendum to Bethel Cemetery6:3:62
Joe Long CemeteryGenealogy of the Joe Long Cemetery15:4:86
Lower Brandywine CemeteryLower Brandywine Cemetery5:2:37
Lynch Family CemeterySussex County Cemetery7:4:85
McColley’s CemeteryMcColley’s Cemetery6:4:78
McDonough CemeteryMcDonough Cemetery2:4:80
Mount Lebanon CemeteryMount Lebanon Cemetery2:1:3
Mount Pleasant CemeteryMt. Pleasant Cemetery Introduction2:3:49
 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery2:3:51
Newark Union CemeteryNewark Union Cemetery Inscriptions1:1:13
 Newark Union Cemetery (continued)1:2:38
 Newark Union Cemetery (continued)1:3:67
 Newark Union Cemetery (concluded)1:4:78
 New Section of Newark Union Cemetery15:3:59
 Bits and Pieces – Newark Union Cemetery15:4:85
Old Hanover Burying Ground (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces9:3:67
Old Union Methodist Cemetery Appoquinimink HundredOld Union Methodist Cemetery Appoquinimink Hundred7:2:42
 Union Cemetery7:3:69
 Additions and Corrections8:1:5
Pigeon Run CemeteryPigeon Run Cemetery2:2:25
 Pigeon Run Cemetery Additions2:3:55
Red Lion CemeteryRed Lion Cemetery8:1:12
St. Michael’s Day Nursery Burial RegisterSt. Michael’s Day Nursery Burial Register, 1902-9:3:57
St. Paul’s Cemetery – Odessa, DESt. Paul’s Cemetery – Odessa, New Castle County (A-H 1790-1957)14:1:18
 St. Paul’s Cemetery – Odessa, New Castle Co DE (H-R 1775-1965)14:2:36
 St. Paul’s Cemetery, Odessa (Conclusion) 1765-196814:3:49
Sussex County CemeteriesTwo Sussex County Cemeteries2:3:72
 Sussex County Cemeteries5:1:19
Talley – Foulk Burying GroundTalley – Foulk Burying Ground2:1:24
 1952 Reading of Talley-Foulk Burying Ground4:4:91
Townsend-Derrickson CemeteryTownsend-Derrickson Cemetery6:3:52
Wilmington Friends BurialsWilmington Friends Burials 1824-182616:4:80
 Wilmington Friends Burials 1826-182917:1:14
 Wilmington Friends Burials, 182917:2:45
 Wilmington Friends Burials, 1832 & 183317:3:68
 Wilmington Friends Burials, 1833-183617:4:85
 Wilmington Friends Burials, 183718:1:14
 Wilmington Friends Burials,
 Wilmington Friends Burials18:3:70
 Wilmington Friends Burials,

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Census records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Kent County Census 16861686 Kent County Census3:3:49
US Census 1870 Fulton County, Indiana (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces6:1:3

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Church Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Baptism of Elizabeth Hopkins (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces4:1:9
Bethel Church HistoryHistory of Bethel Church6:3:49
Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday SchoolBrandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School6:4:73
 Correction/Addendum To Manufacturers’ Sunday School7:1:5
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School7:1:6
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School7:2:30
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School7:3:54
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School7:4:76
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School8:1:6
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School8:2:28
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School8:3:52
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School8:4:76
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School9:1:8
 Brandywine Manufacturers’ Sunday School9:2:32
Carlile, Rev. Joseph Extracts from RegisterExtracts from Rev. Joseph Carlile Register4:4:92
Catholic RegistersCatholic Registers6:3:65
Chester Bethel Methodist ChurchChester Bethel Methodist Church3:2:43
Church of England ParishionersChurch of England Parishioners2:1:18
Extract of Delaware DataExtract of Delaware Data3:2:26
 A Question and Bits and Pieces3:3:72
Hanover Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, DEHanover Church History19:3:67
 Dismissions, 1858-186019:3:69
 Dismissions, 1860-191019:4:85
Mount Lebanon ChurchMount Lebanon Church2:1:1
Newark Monthly MeetingNewark Meeting5:3:49
 Newark Meeting5:4:73
 Responses to Newark Monthly Meeting6:1:18
Newark Union ChurchNewark Union Church1:1:3
Old Swedes Baptismal RecordsOld Swedes Baptismal Records2:1:10
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records2:2:27
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records2:3:58
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records2:4:76
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records3:1:16
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records3:2:34
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records3:3:67
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records3:4:87
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records4:1:11
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records4:2:37
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records4:3:65
 Old Swedes Baptismal Records4:4:78
Rev Joshua de Weese and Related RecordsRev Joshua de Weese and Related Records8:3:49
St. Martins ChurchSt. Martins Church3:1:1
Trinity Episcopal Church, PhiladelphiaTrinity Episcopal Church, Philadelphia10:3:52
Worcester County MD Church RecordWorcester County MD Church Record3:1:10

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Death Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Births, Marriages and DeathsBirths, Marriages and Deaths1:4:92
Chandler Funeral Home RecordsJames T. Chandler and Son Funeral Home Records 1894-9515:1:7
 Chandler Funeral Home Deaths 189615:2:25
 James T. Chandler Funeral Home, 189715:3:51
 James T. Chandler Funeral Home, 1898 (part)15:4:78
 Chandler Funeral Home, part 2 189816:1:11
 Chandler Funeral Home, part 1 189916:2:33
 Chandler Funeral Home, part 2 1899, conclusion16:3:61
DeathsBits and Pieces, Deaths 188017:4:76,84,91,96
Deaths – The Sun – 1867 (Bits and Piece)Bits and Pieces – Deaths – The Sun – 186716:1:20
Deaths from the Philadelphia Public LedgerDeaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger8:2:36
 Deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger8:3:60
 Deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger8:4:84
 Deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger9:1:14
 Deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger9:2:45
 Deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger9:3:68
 Deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger9:4:91
 Deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger10:1:18
 Deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger10:2:43
 Deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger10:3:69
Fort Delaware DeathsRecords of Deaths at Fort Delaware6:1:24
Kent County Coroner’s Inquests, 1755-1850Kent County Coroner’s Inquests15:4:74
 Kent County Coroner’s Inquests, 1755-185016:1:1
 Kent County Coroner’s Inquests, 1755-1850 continued16:2:38
 Kent County Coroner’s Inquests, 1755-185016:3:55
 Kent County Inquests, 1755-1850, conclusion16:4:73
MacDonough, Lucy Ann Death (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces4:1:9
Marriage and Death from Pennsylvania Evening Post 1776Marriage and Death from Pennsylvania Evening Post 177615:1:12
Memorial to Dick ShuteMemorial to Dick Shute3:2:25
New Castle County Coroner’s InquestNew Castle County Coroner’s Inquest, 1787-183518:1:18
 New Castle County Coroner’s Inquest18:2:25
 New Castle County Coroner’s Inquest18:3:57
Pennsylvania Evening Post 1777 Gleanings (Bits and Piece)Bits and Pieces: Gleanings from Pennsylvania Evening Post 177713:4:84
Sussex County Coroners’ InquestsSussex County Coroners’ Inquests, 1755-1890, part 117:1:1
 Sussex County Coroners’ Inquests, 1755-1890, cont.17:2:29
 Sussex County Coroners’ Inquests17:3:58
 Sussex County Coroners’ Inquests, 1757-1890, conclusion17:4:77
Sussex County Undertaker’s AccountSussex County Undertaker’s Account9:3:54
 Sussex County Undertaker’s Account9:4:82
 Sussex County Undertaker’s Account10:1:5
 Sussex County Undertaker’s Account10:2:31
 Sussex County Undertaker’s Account10:3:62
 Sussex County Undertaker’s Account10:4:91
Tennant, Col. JohnBits and Pieces – Col. John Tennant, death Balt. Patriot16:1:15
Wilmington DeathsWilmington Deaths3:1:20
Wilson, Rev. Matthew Funeral ListFuneral List of Rev. Matthew Wilson, Sussex 1776-178314:3:53
 Funeral List of Rev. Matthew Wilson, Sussex 1776-178314:3:58

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Divorce Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Delaware DivorcesDelaware Divorces, 189118:2:37
 Delaware Divorces, 189518:3:53
 Delaware Divorces18:4:99
 Divorces, 1847-185217:4:92
 Divorces, 1867 & 186917:3:49
Divorces 1866Bits and Pieces17:2:46
Divorces- 1871Bits and Pieces18:1:4,10,13,17
Divorce BillsState of Delaware, 189720:1:1
 State of Delaware, 189719:4:109

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Family Genealogies (see also Bibles)

ArticleArticle TitlePage
Allen, Rev. RichardRichard Allen Find3:3:63
Anderson, Thomas of Kent CountyThomas Anderson of Kent Co. DE7:1:1
 Thomas Anderson of Kent Co. DE7:2:25
Argoe FamilyArgoe Family15:3:67
 Correction to Argoe Family, v15, n315:4:96
Book ReviewsBook Review: Children of Naomi (Hinman) Roades Fasset Layfield Newbold Shankland13:4:96
Burton, Prettyman FamiliesBurton, Prettyman Families10:3:49
 Commentary on Burton, Prettyman Article11:1:1
Carey, John of Dagsboro and Perry County OhioJohn Carey of Dagsboro and Perry Co Ohio11:3:60
Carlisle TrailA Carlisle Trail9:3:66
Cochran, Richard E.More on Richard E. Cochran6:2:35
Connecticut Girl in DelawareA Connecticut Girl in Delaware13:1:10
Cooper, Georgina MarieCopybook of Georgina Marie Cooper4:3:62
Delaware Families, 1787-1800Book Review17:3:72
Delaware MysteryA Delaware Mystery3:2:31
Delaware Utah Pioneers: Families of Crossgrove & MousleyDelaware Utah Pioneers: Families of Crossgrove (1790-1930) and Mousley (1790-1918)15:2:32
Delaware-born Residents of IllinoisDelaware-born Residents of Illinois3:2:33
Dickerson FamilyDickerson Family17:2:40
Durborough, Wilbur H.Son of Wilbur H. Durborough’s Paternal Surname Ancestry18:4:??
Dutton FamilyDutton Family17:2:35
Elopements 1737-1776 PGM abstracts (Bits & Pieces)Bits and Pieces (PGM abstract of elopements) 1737-177614:4:85
 Bits and Pieces (PGM abstract of elopements) 1737-177614:4:87
Ennis, John of Sussex CountyJohn Ennis of Sussex County13:3:68
Farson, Ann of Duck Creek and Harrison County OhioAnn Farson of Duck Creek and Harrison Co Ohio11:3:69
Foulk, JohnWhich John Foulk?4:4:88
Golden FamilyGolden Family12:4:78
Hughes, A. W. JournalA. W. Hughes Journal4:1:16
 A. W. Hughes Journal4:2:35
 Member Response to Hughes Journal4:4:82
Hyatt Family RecordJanvier Family Historical Account12:3:49
 Janvier Family12:4:73
Jepson LetterJepson Letter5:4:86
Letters From HomeLetters From Home6:2:40
Marshall FamilyMarshall Family Record16:4:78
 Aaron Marshall – Revolutionary Patriot16:4:77
McDonough’s, Thomas EstateThomas McDonough’s Estate9:3:60
McGoverns of HockessinThe McGoverns of Hockessin4:2:25
 The McGoverns of Hockessin4:3:49
 The McGoverns of Hockessin4:4:73
Mollestons in EuropeMollestons in Europe7:4:82
Moore, Wyatt, Lacey, RogersA Delaware Family Record Revisited22:1:S3
O’Daniel, Peter Account of LifePeter O’Daniel Account of Life 1776-184113:2:47
Petitdemange FamilyOrigins of Petitdemange Family of Delaware16:4:86
Phillips/Philips FamiliesA Sketch of a Quaker Family Named Phillips3:4:96
 Phillips/Philips Families of Greenbank Mill 1700-188814:1:1
Pim’s, Thomas Family in England and IrelandThomas Pim’s Family in England and Ireland 1641-176914:2:45
Porter, DavidThree David Porters: Captain, Commodore and Admiral and Their Delaware Roots1:2:25
 The Three David Porters (continued)1:3:49
 The Three David Porters (concluded)1:4:73
Richards, Mary FallonMary Fallon Richards, Editor and Author11:3:49
Roades FamilyThe Roades Family7:3:49
 The Roades Family7:4:73
Rodney FamiliesDaniel Rodney Letter and Pedigree4:1:1
 Regarding Thomas Rodney6:2:29
Springer FamilyThe Springer Family1:3:61
 The Springer Family (concluded)1:4:83
Stidham FamilyStidham Family DNA Study11:2:26
Surnames (Common) 1782Common Surnames, 17825:1:15
Sussex County Delaware WandererA Sussex County, Delaware, Wanderer7:1:13
Sweatman/Sweetman FamiliesMissouri Sweetman’s Story 1861-192315:2:43
 The Sweatman/Sweetman Family of Appoquinimink (1771-1916)15:2:45
 Comments from our Readers15:3:72
Thorsson – Tossawa – TusseyThorsson – Tossawa – Tussey2:4:86
Trustees of the Poor Indemnity BondsTrustees of the Poor Indemnity Bonds12:1:21
Vaughan FamilyVaughan Family of Sussex County13:4:91
Wattson FamilyWattson Family Record 1738-182014:4:86
Williams FamilyJohn Williams’ Account Book13:4:82

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Government Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Kent County AllowancesKent County Allowances7:4:88
 Kent County Allowances8:1:15
Little Creek Hundred (Kent County) Voter’s ListLittle Creek Hundred (Kent Co.) Voter’s List12:1:13
Retailers’ LicenseRetailers’ License12:1:14
Sussex County Criminals in Adams Sentinel (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces Sussex County Criminals in Adams Sentinel 1824-2913:2:31
Tavern LicensesSussex County Tavern Licenses 1781-178214:1:15
 Tavern Licenses2:2:48

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Indian Genealogy

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Delaware MoorsDelaware Moors5:4:85
 Responses to Note on Delaware Moors6:1:19
 Delaware Moors6:3:63

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Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Definition of Extracts, Abstracts, TranscriptsA Question and Bits and Pieces3:3:72
Delaware Genealogical SocietyThe Delaware Genealogical Society1:1:2
Editorial PolicyEditorial Policy2:1:2
Salute to Caroline SparksSalute to Caroline Sparks7:2:29
Subject IndexSubject Index, Vols 1, 2, 33:4:95
 Subject Index5:2:27

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Land Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Book ReviewsBook Review: Land Records of Sussex County Delaware 1789-179211:3:80
 Book Review: New Castle Delaware Land Records 1738-174311:3:80
Delaware Residents in Westmoreland Co PA DeedsDelaware Residents in Westmoreland Co PA Deeds 1773-8413:3:66
Delawareans in York County PA DeedsDelawareans in York Co PA Deeds 1755-7614:2:48
Durham County MD – Sussex County DEDurham County MD – Sussex County DE3:4:73
Kent County Deeds (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces3:4:92
Pim Land in Sussex County 1739 (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces: Pim Land in Sussex County 173914:2:47
Purchasers and Plot PlanPurchasers and Plot Plan5:1:9
 Worrell Reminiscences of Wilmington, 1815-2810:4:83

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Marriage Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Asbury M. E. Church MarriagesMarriage Register of the Asbury M.E. Church, Wilmington 1798-186612:3:56
Births, Marriages and DeathsBirths, Marriages and Deaths1:4:92
Delaware Marriage BondsDelaware Marriage Bonds5:2:25
 Additions and Corrections8:1:5
Delaware MarriagesDelaware Marriages5:2:28
 Delaware Marriages5:3:64
 Delaware Marriages6:2:36
 Delaware Marriages6:3:58
 Delaware Marriages6:4:83
 Delaware Marriages7:1:14
 Delaware Marriages7:2:39
 Delaware Marriages7:3:63
Delaware Marriages in the Philadelphia Public LedgerDelaware Marriages in the Philadelphia Public Ledger6:1:13
 Delaware Marriages in the Philadelphia Public Ledger11:2:28
Garrett and MendenhallThomas Garrett & Rachel Mendenhall Wedding List17:3:54
Garrett and SellersEli Garrett and Frances Sellers Wedding Guest List18:1:23
Goshen and West Chester PA Marriages (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces8:2:35
Hanover Presbyterian Church, Wilm, DEMarriage Records, 1858-191519:3:69
Kent County MarriagesKent Co Marriages 1847-48, 1853-5411:4:91
 Kent County Marriages 1853-5412:4:92
Leipsic and Raymond MarriagesDelaware Bible Record2:1:16
 Leipsic and Raymond Marriages2:2:36
Marriage and Death from Pennsylvania Evening PostMarriage and Death from Pennsylvania Evening Post 177615:1:12
 Marriage in Connecticut2:4:85
 A Question and Bits and Pieces3:3:72
Bits and PiecesBits and Pieces10:3:60
 Bits and Pieces: Delaware Marriages from Birmingham Meeting11:3:59
 Bits and Pieces – 1898 Marriage Return12:2:37
 Marriage Bits and Pieces (source not given)12:3:54
 Marriage Bits and Pieces (source not given)12:3:61
 Bits and Pieces – Marriages 182014:3:68
 Bits and Pieces: Marriages from Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post 184715:1:6
 Bits and Pieces: Kent Co Marriages: Elliott-Maston 185915:2:28
 Bits and Pieces: Kent Co Marriages: Clark-Hubbbard 184015:2:31
 Bits and Pieces – Marriages15:3:72
 Bits and Pieces – Quaker Marriages15:4:82
 Bits and Pieces – Marriages 1795-182316:2:28
 Bits and Pieces – Marriages 1795-182316:2:44
 Bits and Pieces – Marriages 1821-182816:3:53
 Bits and Pieces – Marriages 1821-182816:3:65
 Bits and Pieces – The Village Record, Chester, PA16:4:76
 Bits and Pieces – The Village Record, Chester, PA16:4:79
Marriages by Wilmington MayorsMarriages by Wilmington Mayors, 1856-649:2:40
Marriages from Every Evening and CommercialMarriages from Every Evening and Commercial 1877-7813:4:76
 Marriages from Every Evening and Commercial 187814:1:5
 Marriages from Every Evening and Commercial 1878-7914:2:30
 Marriages from Every Evening and Commercial 1879, 188114:3:61
 Marriages Every Evening and Commercial 188114:4:79
Marriages from Philadelphia Saturday Evening PostMarriages from Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post 177615:1:12
New Castle County Marriage BondsNew Castle County Marriage Bonds7:4:92
 New Castle County Marriage Bonds8:1:19
 New Castle County Marriage Bonds8:2:43
 New Castle County Marriage Bonds8:3:67
 New Castle County Marriage Bonds8:4:90
 New Castle County Marriage Bonds9:1:20
Philadelphia Inquirer1885-1886 Marriage Announcements17:2:25
 Marriages, 1886-188717:3:63
 Marriages 188817:4:73
 1889 Marriage Announcements18:1:1
 1890 Marriage Announcements17:1:7
Rittenhouse MarriagesRittenhouse Marriages7:1:12
 Rittenhouse Marriages7:2:36
 Rittenhouse Marriages7:3:60
Rusling, Rev.Rev. Rusling’s Register3:2:45
Scott Methodist Episcopal Church, Wilmington, DEChurch Marriages, 1858-186619:1:21
St. Georges P. E. Chapel MarriagesSt. Georges P. E. Chapel Marriages3:2:41
Sussex County MarriagesSussex County Marriages 1849-5012:4:93
Wilmington Marriage RecordsWilmington Marriage Records3:2:46

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Military Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Delaware Men in the Armed ForcesDelaware Men in the Armed Forces5:4:76
 Delaware Men in the Armed Forces6:1:7
 Delaware Men in the Armed Forces6:2:30
 Delaware Men in the Armed Forces6:3:53
 Delaware Men in the Armed Forces6:4:87
Military PensionsFinal or Last Payment for Military Pensions16:3:49
US Federal Officers & Agents 1816US Federal Officers & Agents 181615:3:56
Wounded Soldier in 1805 PA Newspaper (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces – Wounded Soldier in 1805 PA Newspaper12:2:36

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Military Records – Pre & Revolutionary War

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Birth Abstracts: Delaware Regiments in Revolutionary WarBirth Abstracts: Delaware Regiments in Revolutionary War (service 1781-1783)15:2:36
Caton, Captain JohnCaptain John Caton Muster Roll, 175715:3:49
Deserters 1758 Militia (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces – 1758 Militia Deserters15:4:95
Kent County Militia 1756Kent County Militia 175615:2:38
McClughan, Captain1758 Militia – Captain McClughan’s Company15:4:83
Noxon, Captain BenjaminRecruits Raised by Capt. Benj. Noxon in the year 175816:1:7
Quenoualt, Lt. PaulLt. Paul Quenoualt Recruits, 177917:3:57
Peery, Captain WilliamCaptain William Peery’s Independent Co (Revolutionary War) 1778-7915:1:23
Pension Vouchers for Revolutionary War veteransFinal Payment Vouchers for Revolutionary War Pensioners from Delaware21:3:8
Provincial Officers – King George’s WarProvincial Officers – King George’s War 1747 -174816:4:95
Revolutionary War Invalid PensionsRevolutionary War Invalid Pensions17:1:24
Revolutionary War Medical DischargesRevolutionary War Medical Discharges17:1:23
Revolutionary War PensionsRevolutionary Pension of William and Elizabeth (Stevenson) Hall [Sussex Co]15:1:15
Revolutionary War Soldiers and HeirsRevolutionary War Soldiers2:1:20
 Revolutionary War Soldiers2:2:41
 Revolutionary Soldiers and Heirs2:2:45
 Revolutionary War Soldiers2:3:66
 Addenda To Revolutionary War Soldiers3:3:66
Shannon, Captain JohnMuster Roll of Capt. John Shannon, 174616:2:25
Smith, Captain SamuelMuster Roll of Capt. Samuel Smith, 177618:1:11
Tilton, NehemiahMuster Roll of Nehemiah Tilton, 1781-178317:2:34

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Military Records – War of 1812 & Mexican War

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Delaware Regiment War of 1812Delaware Regiment War of 18125:3:60
 An Apology5:4:96
New Castle GuardsNew Castle Guards of 182717:4:95

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Military Records – Civil War

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
African-American Union Soldiers from DelawareAfrican-American Union Soldiers from Delaware (surnames A-G)13:1:20
 African-American Union Soldiers from Delaware (surnames H-Y)13:2:37

 Bits and Pieces – Abstracts from Civil War Widows’ Pension16:1:16

Civil War Pension AbstractsCivil War Pension Abstracts from Widows’ and Other Dependents’ Files16:2:47

 Civil War Widow and other Dependent’s Pensions16:3:60

 Civil War Widow and other Dependent’s Pensions16:4:91

 Civil War Widow and other Dependent’s Pensions17:1:20
Civil War Service SubstitutesSubstitutes, Civil War Service10:3:53

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Miscellaneous County and State Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Delaware StraysDelaware Strays15:3:71
Education of Poor ChildrenEducation of Poor Children5:4:82
 Education of Poor Children6:1:12
 Education of Poor Accounts12:1:1
 Education of the Poor Accounts 182812:3:55
Kent County ScholarsKent County Scholars12:1:9
PensionersNew Castle Co Pensioners on rolls 1883, part 114:2:41
 New Castle Co. Pensioners 1883, part 2 1860-8214:3:69
 New Castle County Pensioners 1883, part 314:4:73
 Kent County Pensioners 188315:1:2
 Sussex County Pensioners 188315:2:29
Pim runaways in Chester Co PA (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces: Pim runaways in Chester Co PA14:2:47
Sussex County Medical RegistersSussex County Medical Registers 188312:2:25
Wilmington Boarding SchoolWilmington Boarding School3:3:56
Wilmington Public SchoolsWilmington Public Schools5:3:52
 An Apology5:4:96
Wilmington Residents1794 Wilmington Residents2:3:62
Wilmington Schools NamesWilmington Schools Names, 1868-1869 (to be cont’d)5:1:11
 Wilmington Schools Names, 1868-695:2:31

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Orphanages and Child Welfare

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Home for Friendless and Destitute ChildrenHome for Friendless and Destitute Children,
Dec. 1862-May 1868
 Home for Friendless and Destitute Children,
Jun 1868- Aug 1877
 Home for Friendless and Destitute Children,
Sep 1877- Aug 1882
 Home for Friendless and Destitute Children,
Sep 1885- Nov 1893
Kent County Bastardy BookKent County Bastardy Book, 1796-180118:3:76
Kent County Bastardy BookKent County Bastardy Book, 1801-180518:4:81

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Orphans’ Court Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Sussex County Orphans’ CourtSussex County Orphans Court4:1:21
 Sussex County Orphans Court4:2:44
 Sussex County Orphans Court4:3:72
 Sussex County Orphans Court, Libro A (cont’d)4:4:95
 Sussex County Orphans Court, Liber A (cont’d)5:1:22
 Sussex County Orphans Court5:2:45
 Sussex County Orphans Court5:3:69
 Sussex County Orphans Court5:4:92
 Sussex County Orphans Court6:1:20
 Sussex County Orphans Court6:2:45
 Sussex County Orphans Court6:3:68
 Sussex County Orphans Court, Liber A and Preceding6:4:91
 Sussex County Orphans Court, Liber A and Preceding7:1:18
 Sussex County Orphans Court12:3:64

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Passenger and Immigration Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Bills of Passage DuPont Co. Irish PassagersIrish Bills of Passage (arranged by DuPont Co) 1847-5312:2:38
 Irish Bills of Passage (arranged by DuPont Co) 1847-4912:3:50
 DuPont Co. Irish Passagers 1830-183413:1:11
 Bills of Passage DuPont Co. Irish Passagers 1834-3513:2:32
 DuPont Co. Irish Passagers 1836-184013:3:53
 DuPont Co. Irish Passagers 1840-184113:4:85
Passenger ListAn Early Passenger List2:4:90
Wilmington Forty-NinerDelaware Moors5:4:85

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People Lists

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Delaware Genealogists Hall of FameDelaware Hall of Fame3:4:86
 Delaware Hall of Fame3:3:55
 Hall of Fame4:1:10
E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Employees 1902E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. Employees – 190216:1:17
Final Payment Vouchers for Revolutionary War Pensioners Final Payment Vouchers for Revolutionary War Pensioners 21:3:S9
Ladies Aid Society of Port PennLadies Aid Society of Port Penn 1865-6615:1:1
Name ChangesName Changes, 189917:3:53,56
St. Mary’s College, WilmingtonSt. Mary’s College, Wilmington3:4:80
St. Michael’s Day Nursery RegisterSt. Michael’s Day Nursery Register 1904-10:4:73
 St. Michael’s Day Nursery Register 190411:2:37
 St. Michael’s Day Nursery Register (concluded)11:3:51
Students of Newark/Delaware CollegeStudents of Newark/Delaware College 1838-184812:2:27
Wilmington Hospital AdmissionsAdmissions to Wilmington Hospital (1873-1879)11:4:73
Wilmington Merchant and Business DirectoryWilmington Merchant and Business Directory, 182718:1:3

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Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Delaware Historical SocietyMicroform Holdings at the Historical Society of Delaware5:4:87
Historical Society of PennsylvaniaBits and Pieces4:2:41

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Tax Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
DelinquentsCedar Creek Delinquents 180113:1:19
 Duck Creek and Dover Delinquents 176913:2:43
 Duck Creek Hd. Kent Co Delinquents 1793 and 179513:3:65
 Kent County Delinquents: 1840 Mispillion Hundred14:3:66
 Murderkill Hundred Delinquents 181814:4:91
General Tax ListThey Moved…in 1800 Delaware8:4:82
 Broad Creek Hundred 1777 General Tax List16:3:66
 Sussex County 1777 General Tax List16:3:68

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Wills and Probate Records

Subject TitleArticle TitleV:N:P
Administration Abstracts of New Castle CountyAdministration Abstracts of New Castle Co9:1:1
 Administration Abstracts of New Castle Co9:2:25
 Administration Abstracts of New Castle Co9:3:49
 Administration Abstracts of New Castle Co9:4:76
 Administration Abstracts of New Castle Co10:1:12
 Administration Abstracts of New Castle Co10:2:39
 Administration Abstracts of New Castle Co10:3:67
Administrations (Bits and Pieces)Bits and Pieces – Administrations 1692-170216:1:10
 Bits and Pieces – Administrations 1692-170216:1:24
Delaware Wills, Chester County CourthouseDelaware Wills, Chester County Courthouse4:4:94
Foulk Will AbstractsFoulk Will Abstracts4:4:89
Probate FilesOnce Upon a Probate File4:4:83

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