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Thanks to the generosity of our many speakers, handouts and recorded webinars are available to many of our programs since 2017. Feel free to scroll through the table of contents. The materials themselves are available to members only. If you’re not a member, learn about the benefits of joining us at Join/Renew.

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wdt_ID Year Month Topic Speaker
1 2017 January Newspapers and Genealogy Reese Robinson, DGS board member
2 2017 April Clean Up Your Room! Organization Techniques for Genealogy Panel
3 2017 September Grave Matters: Cemetery Research Susan Kirk Ryan, DGS president
4 2017 September Grave Matters: Missing Tombstones Reese Robinson, DGS board member
5 2017 November Hidden Assets: Farm Journal, Place Names, Runk Reese Robinson, DGS board member
6 2017 November Hidden Assets: Steve Morse and Lalley Susan Kirk Ryan, DGS president
7 2017 November Hidden Assets: Newspapers Irene Monley, DGS board member
8 2018 January Over There: Researching Our World War I Era Ancestors in Military Records J. Joseph Harland, Ph.D., CG®, DGS VP
9 2018 February My Wild Irish Research: New Irish Genealogy Resources are Blooming Susan Kirk Ryan, DGS president
10 2018 May DGS Website: New Content and Features Reese Robinson, DGS board member and webmaster
11 2018 August One-Touch Genealogical Research: How to Handle a Record Just Once Thomas MacEntee, genealogical professional
12 2018 September Mapping Your Ancestors! Reese Robinson, DGS board member
13 2018 November Writing Your Family Story Various speakers
14 2019 February Research in Pennsylvania Coal Country Mike Miscoski, DGS board member
15 2019 October Hagley Records: Resources at Hagley Erik Rau, Hagley Director of Library Services
16 2019 October Hagley Records: Toy Family Research Reese Robinson, Marjorie McNinch, DGS board members
17 2019 November Finding Your German Ancestors Lloyd Maier, DGS member
18 2020 January Making the Most of your DNA Matches with Diahan Southard, Founder of Your DNA Guide
19 2020 February Almshouses, Orphanages, and Reform Schools Mike Miscoski, DGS board member
20 2020 September The Parentage of Alexina Carver J. Joseph Harland, Ph.D., CG®, past DGS VP and board member
21 2020 October The New Delaware Genealogical Research Guide: A Look Between the Covers Irene Heffran Monley and Constance Nelmes Beatty, members of the the Delaware Genealogical Society Research Guide Committee
22 2020 November The Delaware Public Archives: What Records are Available and How to Access Them Connor Lee Graham, CA, Supervisor of Archival Collections at the Delaware Public Archives
23 2020 December A Reasonably Exhaustive Research Checklist; Bringing Josias Home; Legal Notices Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist
24 2021 January How DNA Made a Family Out of Strangers Diahan Southard, Founder of Your DNA Guide
25 2021 February Preservation of Documents, Photos and Digital Memories: Techniques for the Family Historian Connor Lee Graham, CA, Supervisor of Archival Collections at the Delaware Public Archives
26 2021 March Second World War (WWII): African American Involvement in the US Military Erwin Polk, Co-founder & V.P. Genealogy of the Delaware chapter of AAHGS
27 2021 April Genealogy of a Home: Using Land Records, Wills, Census and Newspapers to Trace Family Reese Robinson, past DGS board member
28 2021 September Presidential Family Secret of Joseph W. Clifton: A Delaware Genealogy Case Study Sydney F. Cruice Dixon, professional genealogist
29 2021 October Delaware, Our Families and the 1918 Flu Epidemic Mary Ann Vincent, DGS member
30 2021 November Partners in Research: Delaware Historical Society Resources for Genealogists Leigh Rifenburg, Chief Curator, Delaware Historical Society
31 2022 January Delaware Escape Room Thomas MacEntee, Genealogy Bargains
32 2022 February Special Program: A Tour of the NEW DGS Website Graham Godfrey, DGS Board member and technology lead
33 2022 February Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker: Using Occupational Records Amy Johnson Crow, Modern Genealogy Made Easy
34 2022 March Almshouses, Orphanages, and Reform Schools: Update Mike Miscoski, President, DGS
35 2022 April Tracking Down Your Eastern European Ancestors Pam Vestal, Generations Genealogy
36 2022 May Extra, Extra! Newspapers Reese Robinson, DGS member
37 2022 May Finding Your Delaware Ancestors at Legacy Family Tree Webinars: (copy/paste to browser) Irene Heffran Monley, past DGS president
40 2022 September Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors Lisa Alzo, MFA, Freelance writer, Instructor, and Lecturer
41 2022 October Forensic Genealogy and Betty Jean's Story Mags Gaulden
42 2022 November Black Powder: Explosions on the Brandywine Dick Templeton, Writer and Tour Guide at Hagley Museum & Library
43 2023 January Wrought with a Careful Hand: Delaware Schoolgirl Samplers Cynthia Steinhoff, Director of the Library at Anne Arundel Community College
44 2023 February Migration Trails across America Peggy C. Lauritzen
45 2023 April Beginning Your Genealogy Journey Cheri Hudson Passey
46 2023 May Navigating the National Archives Julie Miller, Certified Genealogist, Certified Genealogical Speaker, Fellow of National Genealogical Society

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