DGS Newsletter Subject Index

A Subject Index is available for newsletters published between July 1978 and January 2004, thanks to long-time DGS member, Lloyd Maier. The index is a PDF document.

Simply open the PDF, search for a subject in the index, and jot down the volume, issue and page (V:N:P). TIP: To search a PDF document, press Ctrl F, type in the word you want to search, and then press Enter.

Then go to the Newsletter Archive, search for the volume, find the issue and then click on the link to the newsletter of interest.

For example, let’s say you’re looking for information about Delaware lawyers of the Revolution. First search the Subject index; you’ll find Delaware lawyers of the Revolution mentioned in 23-3-29. This translates to Volume 23, Issue 3, Page 29. Next go to the Newsletter Archive page and enter 23 into the search box to find all of the issues published in volume 23. Then click on the link for issue 3 and go to page 29, where the article, Lawyers of the Revolution, begins. The Newsletter Archive is available to members only.

The Newsletter Archive is available to members only. If you’re not a member, learn about the benefits of joining us at Join/Renew.


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