UPDATED! Cemeteries in Delaware

Delaware Cemeteries Map

DGS online Delaware cemetery resources have been updated, with a new, expanded database; a detailed, interactive map; and user tools to guide you.

The database and map contain information on over 1,000 current and historical cemeteries across the state. Cemeteries associated with churches, privately managed sites, and small family plots are included. The map shows those for which we have the geo-location (GPS) data, which is most of them.

With these two resources you can learn about a cemetery, locate it on a map, and even get driving directions!

The database and map are compiled from many sources, including previous DGS publications, transcriptions and publications by other genealogical societies in the State, past published surveys, and Find a Grave. A full Source List is here.

This comprehensive information is the result of many months of painstaking work by Bob Eckman, DGS member and volunteer, and Graham Godfrey, DGS web team, who figured out how to make it all available on the DGS website.

The Cemetery Map

The map of Delaware with markers shows the location of geo-located cemeteries in the database. To view and use the map, click here. Those cemeteries for which geo-location data was not available are not on the map.

The Cemetery Database

The database below lists over 1,000 cemeteries in Delaware.  It includes links to Find a Grave and Google maps, where available. Here’s what you can do with the new, updated database:

  • Get the full data on any cemetery. Simply click on any row to view address and notes column entries. This data can be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word, which will preserve the URL/links.
  • Search the database. Use the new Search Guide to get the most from the information that is available.


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