Cemeteries Map

When the location of cemeteries is pinpointed on a map, you’ve got quite a useful tool for research. Below are two resources to easily learn where a cemetery is located: a Google map of Delaware with over 1,000 cemeteries flagged and a link to a document with the data used to create the map. Both were created by Bob Eckman, a DGS member and volunteer.

Using the map is easy, simply click on it and zoom into the areas that your interested in. Note that the boundaries for Hundreds, quirks of Delaware geography, are provided in black.

The cemeteries are color coded by Hundreds within each of Delaware’s three counties, from north to south. For each Hundred, the number of cemeteries is shown in parentheses ( ). Here’s a legend for each county:

New Castle County

Kent County

Sussex County

Kent County Hundreds

Map data

For advanced users, a link to a file with all of the data behind the above map. The data is in a KML/KMZ format; the link is shown below. The data can be imported into Google Earth or Google My Maps so that you can get directions to a cemetery. Download the document to your computer or device, then upload the file to Google Earth (depending on your device, use the sidebar, New>Local KML file>Create) or Google My Maps (depending on your device, use the sidebar>Saved>Maps>Open My Maps>Create a New Map>Import).

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