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Cemeteries in Delaware: Search Guide

Cemeteries in Delaware: Search Guide


The Delaware Genealogical Society list/database of Delaware cemeteries contains information on over 1,000 current and historical cemeteries. This Search Guide is designed to help the researcher get the most from the information that is available. In particular, the data now contains references to various surveys of cemeteries conducted in the past.

Clicking on any row in the database will display a pop-up showing all the information available on the cemetery.

The following data is available:

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The Cemetery name. Many cemeteries are known by multiple names, and these are listed together in the cemetery entry in the list. The Name filter above the listing can be used to find a specific cemetery, e.g., Adkins Burial Ground, or to look see a list of all cemeteries that contain a specific word, e.g., Presbyterian.

Defunct designates a cemetery that no longer exists.

Name Abbreviations and Conventions

The cemetery names have few abbreviations. The following have been adopted as they are typically used as the church or cemetery name:

To distinguish multiple names for the same cemetery, names after the first are preceded by a “/”. For example: “Williams Family Cemetery / Taylor-Williams Cemetery”

Where there are multiple families in a cemetery name, they are separated by a “-“, as in “Hyland – Waller Cemetery”.

Where there are alternate spellings of a name, the second name is enclosed in parentheses, as in: “Stephenson (Stevenson) Family Cemetery”.

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If the street address closest to the cemetery is known, it is displayed. If the cemetery has not been located, the Address contains the locality or best-known location. Note that the street address can be used for navigation to the cemetery, but it is only an approximate location. The GPS location is the precise location of the cemetery, unless otherwise stated in the Notes.

For consistency, most roads are identified by name rather than road number.

Town / Place

Town / Place is the postal location where the cemetery is located, based on the address of the cemetery. The Address filter above the listing can be used to filter the listing by city, town, or zip code.


There are 3 counties in Delaware: New Castle, Kent, and Sussex. The County filter above the listing can be used to filter the listing by county.


A Hundred is an unincorporated area in each county that dates to colonial times. Hundreds today may appear in a county’s real estate records, but they are shown here as most historical Delaware cemetery surveys (see Sources) reference the hundred where the cemetery is located. The Hundred designation used in this listing is based on research into the historical boundaries of 1877 when the last changes were made to Hundred’s names and boundaries. See the Appendix, below, for a list of Hundreds by county.

The Hundred filter above the listing can be used to show all cemeteries is a Hundred.

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Find a Grave

This column contains the link to the Find a Grave entry for the cemetery. Some cemeteries have multiple entries in Find a Grave. The Notes column contains the Find a Grave cemetery numbers for these duplicate listings.


If the location of the cemetery is known, is column contains a link to Google Maps that will show the location of the cemetery.

GPS Location

Although not shown on the main cemetery listing, the GPS coordinates of the cemetery is available on the pop-up by clicking on any data item. If the cemetery location is known precisely, these are the latitude and longitude coordinates. This same data is used in the Map link.

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The Notes field contains valuable information on the cemetery. The items available include:

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Hundreds by County

KentDuck Creek
East Dover
Little Creek
North Murderkill
South Murderkill
West Dover
New CastleAppoquinimink
Mill Creek
New Castle
Red Lion
St. Georges
White Clay Creek
Broad Creek
Cedar Creek
Indian River
Lewes & Rehoboth
Little Creek
Northwest Fork
Hundreds by County

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TSC Codes

Tombstones of Sussex County Delaware identifies the cemetery by a Hundred code, followed by a number, e.g., LC-004 identifies a cemetery in Little Creek Hundred.

Hundred CodeHundred
BCBroad Creek
CCCedar Creek
IRIndian River
LRLewes & Rehoboth
LCLittle Creek
NFNorthwest Fork
TSC Codes

In addition, cemeteries researched after the publication of Tombstones of Sussex County Delaware are identified as TSC: DDGS website. These can be accessed at

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