Remembering Farnhurst

Stories from the Delaware State Hospital 1894-1920

Members of several DGS teams have worked with the author Katherine Dettwyler to bring this information to you.

Remembering Farnhurst


This book, Remembering Farnhurst, published in 2019, includes a detailed look at the lives of 186 patients admitted to the Delaware State Hospital at Farnhurst between 1894 and 1920. Despite usually being thought of as having been simply a “mental hospital” or “lunatic asylum,” the institution cared for people with many different conditions. From brain injuries, syphilis, epilepsy, and schizophrenia to deafness, blindness, and age-related senility, a wide variety of conditions were treated because, at a time, there were few or no other options for care.

The Author:

Katherine Dettwyler

DGS Searchable Name Index:

The DGS website has a searchable Name Index. The table is searchable with a list of names with the page numbers on which they appear in Remembering Farnhurst.

The Rememberg Farnhurst page with the searchable Name Index can be found by clicking this link.

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