Cemeteries in Delaware

Cemeteries may be associated with churches, privately managed sites, and small family plots. Many are listed below. No central resource of Delaware cemeteries exists that we are aware of, though several genealogical societies have ongoing transcription initiatives. DGS has published transcribed cemetery records in the DGS Journal. Check the DGS Journal Subject Index for details. Many more resources are provided in the Delaware Genealogical Research Guide.

Below are two tables: Cemeteries in Delaware and Development – Updating Delaware Cemeteries.

Cemeteries in Delaware is fully functional with lots of information about each of the listed cemeteries. Click on any row to get the full data popup, including the address.

Updating Delaware Cemeteries, is development table to which we are adding links to the Find-A-Grave website and Google maps, when the information is available. It’s fully functional, too, but not yet complete. Click on any row to get the full data popup, including the address. Feel free to look it over and do check back regularly for updates.

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Cemeteries in Delaware

wdt_ID Name Address Town/Place Hundred County
1 Adams/Collins Family Cemetery Sharptown Road Laurel, DE 19956 Little Creek Sussex
2 Adkins Burial Ground Dagsboro, DE 19939 Dagsboro Sussex
3 African Union Church Cemetery Branch Canal Trail Delaware City, DE 19706 Red Lion New Castle
4 African Union First Methodist Cemetery Rt 7 & School Bell Road Bear, DE 19701 New Castle New Castle
5 African Union Methodist Protestant Cemetery See: Newport Cemetery Newport, DE 19804 Christiana New Castle
6 Alexander Simpson Farm Harrington, DE 19952 Mispillion Kent
7 Alexander Warrington Cemetery Harbeson, DE 19951 Indian River Sussex
8 All Saints Cemetery 6001 Kirkwood Highway Wilmington, DE 19808 Wilmington New Castle
9 All Saints Cemetery 20274 Beaver Dam Road Harbeson, DE 19951 Indian River Sussex
10 Amish Cemetery 2567 Forrest Ave. Dover, DE 19904 East Dover Kent
Name Town/Place Hundred County

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Development – Updating Delaware Cemeteries

Latest update – 04/19/2022

The content in the table below is being researched and updated by Bob Eckman (DGS Member) on an ongoing basis. This table, when completed, will replace the table above. Note: This table has additional cemeteries and data, when available on Find-A-Grave. Links are included to Find-A-Grave and a Google maps.

Click on any row to get the full data popup including the address. This data can be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word and will preserve the url/links.

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