Newsletter Index and Archives

Copies of the newsletter of the Delaware Genealogical Society have been available online to members for some time now.  Thanks to some very hard work of long-time member Lloyd Maier, we now have an index to newsletters published between July 1978 and 2004.
There is volume index, a name index, and a subject index, all available as PDF documents.  To use these, you need to:
  • Search for a name or topic in the name or subject index, 
  • Find the corresponding entry in the volume index, and 
  • Access the online copy that contains the information you’re looking for.
Note that the online copies are accessed using the “Newsletter” topic under the “Members” menu item in the left sidebar.
As an example, we find in the name index that Priscilla LeCompte is found at 11-2-4, which translates as volume 11, issue 2, page 4.  Looking at the volume index, we find that volume 11 was published in 1991 and that there were 5 issues during that year.  The second issue would therefore have been the March issue.  On page 4 of that issue, we find an entry for Priscilla LeCompte who married William Morris.
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