Delaware Genealogical Society Logo
The DGS is a nonprofit volunteer organization that encourages and supports genealogical research.

Our primary focus is on Delaware ancestry, but we also provide general educational programs and assist members with all their family research.

The Delaware Genealogical Society was founded in 1977 with about 40 charter members. We now have over 200 members.
Federation of Genealogical Societies Member

Operating Year: July 2017 - June 2018

Officers and Governors
President: Susan Kirk Ryan
Vice President: Dr. Joe Harland
Secretary: Peg Walz
Treasurer: Gary Gittings
Board Member 2015-2017: Bernie Brown
Board Member 2015-2017: Patty Curlett
Board Member 2015-2017: Patricia Diggs
Board Member 2015-2017: Mary Lou MacIntyre
Board Member 2016-2018: Cabby Flynn
Board Member 2016-2018: Barb Hamming
Board Member 2016-2018: Reese Robinson
Board Member 2016-2018: Calista Wiley
Past President: Colette Watson
Membership Chairman: Dr. Joe Harland
DGS Publications Chair: Patty Curlett
Journal Editor DGS: Kay Schorah
Newsletter Editor: Patty Curlett
Queries: Reese Robinson
Sales & Distribution : Robbie Snowdon
Webmaster: Reese Robinson
Public Relations and Liasions
DGS Service Award: Robbie Snowdon
Liaison with FGS : Dr. Joe Harland
Publicity: Cabby Flynn
Community Service Activities
Meeting Programs: Susan Kirk Ryan
Projects to Create Resouces
DGS Strategic Plan: Reese Robinson
DGS Technology Committee: Reese Robinson
Audit: Doug Wenny