Calendar of DGS Events

Our programs will re-start in September 2022 and run through May 2023. Recorded webinars and handouts from almost 30 prior meetings are accessible to DGS members here.

A calendar of local events is available from the Bucks County Genealogical Society here. Click on “Comprehensive Calendar of area genealogical events.”

This year’s programs are supported by a gift from

Margaret Gause Bramble and Edward L. Bramble.


September 24,2022
Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors

Presented by  Lisa Alzo: Delaware Genealogical Society
Description: America is a nation of immigrants, comprised of people who left home to find a better life for themselves and their families. Tracking down your immigrant ancestors can often be a daunting task.  This session will show you tips and tricks for locating and searching passenger lists and other key immigration documents both on and offline to help you trace your roots.

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October 22,2022
Forensic Genealogy and Adoption- Peggy Jean’s Story

Presented by Mags Gaulden: Delaware Genealogical Society
Betty Jean was abandoned in Asheville, NC in 1927. All her life Betty Jean wanted to know who her parents were, but her search ended abruptly in the 1950s when she was shown her very empty files by a clerk at the courthouse. Until her cousin contacts her asking about some family papers. “You know I am adopted?” and the cousin answered, “you know, helping adoptees find their families is one thing my business does?” Follow along as we work the history, we find connections and ultimately find Betty Jean’s Family.

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November 19, 2022
Black Powder, Explosions on the Brandywine

Presented by Dick Templeton: Delaware Genealogical Society
Making black powder was a dangerous profession in the 19th century but not as hazardous as railroading, farming or manufacturing. That said, the black powder manufactory of the Du Pont Company on the Brandywine Creek saw its share of violence to the men who made the volatile stuff and to their families. While the causes of most of the explosions at the powder mills are unknown, the same cannot be said of the powder makers and their kin.
Our November 19th speaker, DGS member Dick Templeton, will present some fascinating stories of the men, women and child whose lives ended tragically in the perilous powder-making neighborhood of northern Delaware. 

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January 28,2023
“Wrought with a Careful Hand”: Delaware Schoolgirl Samplers

Presented by Cynthia Steinhoff: Delaware Genealogical Society
Schoolgirls in Delaware stitched samplers as part of their education from the mid-1700s through the mid-1800s and many of their creations survive to this day in museum, historical society, and private collections. Their samplers were beautiful works of art and the girls often included genealogical information, such as parents’ and siblings’ names and birthdates, the town where they lived, and the school they attended. Cynthia Steinhoff will provide an overview of the works produced by Delaware girls and how those that include family details can contribute to our genealogical research today. 

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February 25,2023
Migration Trails Across America

Presented by Peggy C. Lauritzen: Delaware Genealogical Society
The safest and easiest way to move one’s families may not have been the migration trails and roads that we have become most familiar with. Roads and trails are the “go-to” places we look at first when determining how our ancestors moved throughout America.  However, there were other means of transportation available to them.  Could your ancestor have traveled other by-ways?  

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March 25,2023
Using Civil War Records to Develop an Ancestor Historical Narrative

Presented by Ken Finlayson: Delaware Genealogical Society
Simply cutting and pasting an ancestor’s Ancestry Civil War enlistment data will not advance family history.  Learn to start with your family tree to recognize potential Civil War ancestors and learn how to obtain and use military records to outline a narrative of your ancestor’s war experience.  In this webinar, you will learn how to read the military records and identify the numerous data traps camouflaged in the records.  Also, you’ll be introduced to numerous on-line resources that are critical to augmenting the military records and documenting your ancestor’s full war experience.  Lastly, back to the family tree and a pattern discussion on such topics as trauma and desertion and their possible effects, or lack of impact, on intergenerational family history.  

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April 22,2023
Beginning Your Genealogy Journey

Presented by Cheri Hudson Passey: Delaware Genealogical Society
The desire to discover our ancestors continues to grow in popularity with the addition of online trees, genealogy TV shows, and the popularity of DNA tests.  In this presentation, we will look at how to begin to create a family tree, learn what documents may provide information, and how and where to find them. Using a research plan, organization, and avoiding mistakes are also important habits for every beginner to understand and implement from day one. This presentation will give beginners the confidence they need to begin and move forward with building a correct family tree.

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May 20,2023
Navigating the National Archives

Presented by Julie Miller: Delaware Genealogical Society
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has a wealth of resources that can be used for genealogical research. The records may be found in Washington, thirteen regional branches located throughout the United States, and online. Learn how to find and use the abundant records held by this national treasure.

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