Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Membership dues 
At its May 2018 meeting, the DGS Board of Governors voted to amend the society’s by-laws regarding annual dues. Beginning July 1, 2018, annual dues are now payable on the member’s anniversary date. As in the past, continued membership and its privileges are contingent on being up-to-date with membership dues. This change affects all categories of members: regular, family, contributing and institutional member. 
Here are a few FAQs that explain how our membership process works. 
What is an Anniversary Date? 
Until June 30, 2018, all memberships for the Delaware Genealogical Society (DGS) were valid on a fiscal year basis (July 1 – June 30), regardless of when a member joined or renewed. Starting in July 2018, DGS switched to an “anniversary date” basis for membership. This is similar to joining a health club or subscribing to your local newspaper – it begins when you join/subscribe and typically goes for one year. 
Why is DGS making this change? 
We are making this change to provide new members with a full 12 months of membership. Previously, if someone joined in the middle of the year (say January 1), they would only receive membership through June 30. This was a drawback for new members. With this change, we can create more value and goodwill for our members.
I am ready to join – what does this mean for me? 
As a new member, your membership will be effective on the day you join and last for 12 months (plus a 30-day grace period).
I am already a member – how does this affect my membership? 
As of the start of the 2018-19 membership year, all current members with a membership date of July 1 – June 30 now have an anniversary date of July 1. If you renew your membership by the end of July, your membership year remains the same. If you renew after July 30, your membership year will start on the day which you renew. You still receive 12 months of membership. Then, when it is time to renew next year, you’ll receive your membership renewal at a later time than those with a July membership year. 
Will we get a renewal email a month before the due date?
Yes, we will send notifications monthly to those members whose membership is about to expire.
If you have questions about your membership, please send an email to our Membership Chair at