Family Genealogies


Many compiled genealogies of Delaware families exist. The Delaware Historical Society has over 200 Delaware Family Genealogies (see the link for the list in the table below). Ed Wright's Colonial Families of Delaware v.1-5 (An index for the book can be found in its listing in the Family Genealogies booklist). The Who's Who in Delaware was often published during the 19th century to flatter prominent businessmen and politicians. It often contains valuable genealogical information about the persons being profiled, but all information, especially about earlier generations, should be verified in primary records.


Family Genealogies Booklist Books that contain family genealogies can be found in the Family Genealogies booklist. The booklist also includes the names of the repositories where the books are available.
Family genealogies articles in the DGS Journal For a list of the articles that have been published in the Delaware Genealogical Society Journal consult the Family Genealogies subject in the Journal's Subject Index.
Man reading book in a library The Delaware Historical Society has over 200 compiled genealogies of Delaware families.

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