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The Delaware Genealogical Research Guide, 3rd Edition (June 2002)
This 52-page booklet identifies hundreds of libraries, archives, and Web sources of genealogical and historical information for Delaware.
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Delaware Genealogical Society Journal
Our primary publication is semi-annual -- two issues per year (April and October) -- with four issues (numbers) in each volume (volumes start in even-numbered years). Each issue contains 24 pages of articles and an index.
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Print issues are available to either members or non-members as individual purchases or by subscription. Back-issues or back -volumes may be purchased, but not individual articles. We also sell a CD with the series from Volume 1 through Volume 11 issues #2 (42 issues) as page images with a searchable master index covering all the issues.

To purchase an individual "back issue" (past issues) of the DGSJ you know the volume and issue in which the information you seek appears. You can determine the issue and page on which the person you are researching has been mentioned by searching the Online Index to the DGSJ

The Delaware Genealogical Society Newsletter -- The First State Genealogist
Our secondary publication is published five times per year -- January, March, May, August, and October. It was titled the Delaware Genealogical Society Newsletter until recently, when it was re-named The First State Genealogist -- incorporating our state's motto.
Editor: Judy Bedford
Note: This is available to members only, and back issues are not available for purchase.

DGS Surname Index
This lists the surnames of Delaware ancestors for whom DGS members have information that they are willing to share. The booklet includes member contact information.

Delaware 1782 Tax Assessment and Census Lists (1994) [CD version only]
This data, extracted from 25 tax lists and 7 census lists, covers 8,670 tax assessments and the makeup of 2,652 households. The data are presented in their original order (as 32 lists) and also as a state-wide union list ordered by surname. A Soundex code reference list notes all the names in the compilation that have different spellings but the same Soundex code. The original print version was sold out several years ago.

Delaware Sussex County Orphans' Court Records [several CDs]
edited by Margaret David (2004)
These CDs contain all the original images (as pdf files) scanned from the microfilm plus a database of the key information in each entry and also an every name alphabetical index. By placing all this information on one CD, the researcher can search the index to find the role a given individual played in the Orphans' Court proceeding, then go to the image of the original Orphans' Court book to ensure the reliability of the abstract.
CDs are now available for Books B and C (1777-82), Books D and E (1782-93) and Book F (1793-97).
Description and sample database page of this ongoing project.

Vital Records from Delaware Newspapers [a series]
Abstracts of reports of births, marriages, and deaths from several periods.
Delaware Marriages and Deaths from Newspapers 1729-1853
Deaths from the Delaware Gazette 1854-9, 1860-4
Marriages from the Delaware Gazette 1854-9, 1860-4
Marriages and Deaths from the Delaware Gazette 1865-74
Marriages and Deaths from the Delaware Gazette 1875-79

History of Original Settlements on the Delaware
A full-length book.

The Delaware Historical and Genealogical Recall

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