DGS Projects and Their Most Pressing Needs

We volunteer time and spend dues money on our projects to improve access
to genealogical information about the people of Delaware and surrounding counties.

Delaware Tax Records during 1787-1800

This will support the Delaware Families 1787-1800 project since anyone who was on a tax list during 1787-1800 was an adult residing in Delaware then. We are now actively developing a large searchable database from the over 100 lists already transcribed.
Read the full description of the Delaware Tax Project
Specific volunteer needs are:
  • Photocopier - copy microfilm
  • Mailer - mail copies to transcribers
  • Transcriber - transcribing names from list to a computer spreadsheet.
  • Compiler - electronically combining duo-transcribed lists into one.
  • Verifiers - determining what is the most common spelling for each name.

Delaware Orphans Court Records

We are making CDs which contain all the original images (as pdf files) scanned from the microfilm plus a database of the key information in each entry and also an every name alphabetical index. By placing all this information on one CD, the researcher can electronically search the index to find the role a given individual played in the Orphans' Court proceeding, then go to the image of the original Orphans' Court book to ensure the reliability of the abstract. The complete indexes include relationship to the decedent or principal involved; dates; page numbers; property location; reason for the case; and additional comments that should be helpful to the researcher.
Read the full description of the Delaware Orphans Court Project
Specific volunteer needs are:
  • Transcribers - transcribe copies on to a formatted spreadsheet.

The Delaware Genealogical Society Newsletter and the Delaware Genealogical Society Journal have editorial staffs that write, solicit, edit, check, index, print, and distribute these publications.

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Volunteer for a Task

Help others seeking genealogical information as others have helped you. You can volunteer for the specific tasks in the DGS projects noted here. Most of these tasks do not require someone living in Delaware.
Some computer knowledge is necessary for most of these tasks.
Any reasonable expenses except travel costs will be reimbursed.

You may volunteer to do other tasks -- write articles for or help edit the newsletter or journal, setup databases, help manage the Website, help plan or greet at meetings, answer queries, teach a short course, give a talk at our Members' Night meeting, speak about genealogy to a local organization.

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