The Delaware Families Project

Project Description

GOAL: Document all the families that lived in Delaware at any time within the years 1787 to 1800.

NOTICE: As of 2010-10-24 this project is being re-organized
so that publication of the first volume of families can begin before 2012.

Do you have an ancestor (or information on someone) who lived in Delaware sometime between 1787, when Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, and 1800? If so, you may be interested in sharing information on their life and family with the Delaware Genealogical Society (DGS) for use in our Delaware Families Project. We plan to publish not only the standard genealogical information (birth, marriage, death), but also a short biography about the family: occupation, military and civil service, slave names, documents that establish residency or relationship, etc.

Each entry will center around a "focus person" who is an adult (husband and/or wife) named in an original record (e.g. census, tax, deed, probate, court, church) made at the time of the event and dated between 1787 and 1800 inclusive, that proves the person lived in Delaware at some time between 1787 and 1800 inclusive. A spouse of a focus person is also a focus person. More than one person from a family, e.g. grandparents, parents, sons and daughters, can be written up as a focus person as long as they meet the above criteria. We encourage such multiple entries.

We would like information as far back as the names of the grandparents of the focus person and as far forward as the grandchildren of the focus person.

Participation in this project may help you contact others who are also working on your line. You do not have to be a member of the DGS to submit an entry. Descendants across the U.S. are participating. We welcome everyone! We expect about 100-200 families per volume with the first volume to published in 2011 and about one volume every two years thereafter. We estimate over 15,000 different families lived in Delaware between 1787 and 1800!

PROJECT STATUS: We are now (October 2010) in the final stages of editing the entries for about 100 families for Volume 1, and we have enough submissions for several more volumes.

PROJECT CONTACT:  Margaret David at

We should like to include in the first volume at least one family from each of Delaware's hundreds, but at present we do not have an entry for an 1787-1800 resident of Little Creek Hundred in Sussex County. Please inform the Project Contact if you have a documented writeup on someone fitting that description.

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