Local Resources

Although popular online sources of genealogical information have been growing exponentially, they still represent only the tip of the iceberg of what can be found in libraries, museums, archives, and local online resources.  This page provides an overview of a few Delaware repositories of genealogical records, and information about how to visit them in person and online.

Delaware Genealogical Society

The website of the Delaware Genealogical Society is the permanent repository of our holdings and publications. There you will find up-to-date information about our meetings and events, access to our online store, and information about how to become a member.

The site also features an extensive members-only section containing a research guide, access to past newsletters, access to DGS-published sources, and the ability to communicate with others researching your surnames.

Delaware Public Archives

archives_logoThe most comprehensive collection of genealogical information specific to Delaware families can be found at Delaware Public Archives in Dover, Delaware. In addition to the records of government that are a core genealogical resource, they also house many private collections and a comprehensive genealogical library.  Information about visiting the Archives in person is available on their website.

Delaware Public Archives Collections Gateway

You can search the index of the public collections of Delaware Public Archives. Search by ancestor name (or surname only) for a variety of record groups.  This site supports downloading of a .csv file of index results, and allows ordering of specific records.  If you can’t visit personally, the ordering service works well.  Paper and electronic copies are available. The Archives website provides an overview of the records indexed in the Collections Gateway.

Delaware Historical Society

DHS logoThe research library at the Delaware Historical Society in Wilmington, Delaware, houses a variety of documents and other records related to Delaware history and genealogy. Unique to the Society is a card catalog that contains 120 drawers indexing manuscripts, maps, photographs, and surnames.  Their online catalog, “Ask Caesar” is also available and is useful to consult before visiting the library.  Information about hours of operation and their location is found on their website.